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NES-T-A 135

Pneumatic quick change, zero point pallet module to built in v-tech´s clamping aplications automatic processes.

Fundamental element of the automatic clamping system ZEPO-v guarantees the secure and precise clamping of workpieces, even under tough conditions. The self-clamping mechanism means the force is still applied after the air has been disconnected. Universal modul to built in a various clamping stations and automatic aplications.

  • Made from heat treated refined steel

  • Self-clamping mechanism,

  • 24KN of clamping force 

  • Height = 41 mm

  • Constant air not required

  • Positioning slots allow for indexing by 90°

  • Air cleaning 

  • Ready for airsensoring

  • Opening sensor

Short nameTensile forceForce mediumNom. pressureMax. pressureMin. pressureSetting accuracyWeightBlow cleanningNumber of cyclesDimensionsBlow cleaning of mating surfacesUncoupling sensorsOrder code
NES-T 13524kNair8 bar10 bar5 bar<0,005 mm2,3 kgano>200 000Ø135 mm, 41 mmyesyes201601001

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