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Modular clamping system ZEPo-v

v-tech’s ZEPO-v is a modular quick-change clamping system with wide application primarily in CNC machining centres. Its purpose is to streamline the production process thanks to very fast and repeatedly accurate replacement of the workpiece, jig or other equipment. It allows users to make the most of the production potential of their machine tools or entire automated production lines.

The core of the ZEPO-v clamping system consists of a unique element in the form of a NES-T pneumatic self-locking nest, whose high tensile force comes from the design and shape of the piston, which is optimized for even distribution of contact stress with emphasis on maintaining compact dimensions. The resulting application, composed of some variant of NES-T in combination with a wide range of UZV-T clamping bases and possibly other elements, covers all conceivable needs of modern metal working operation.
All parts of the ZEPO-v system are designed by our own v-tech design centre and are precisely manufactured in the Czech Republic on top-quality CNC machines. Thanks to the experience from our own production plant, they are also designed to provide meaningful and practical solutions for the end user. The fact that experience, design and production are “under one roof” predestines v-tech to create custom solutions and shift the technical solution towards greater perfection.
To verify the efficiency of using our clamps in-house, we also developed our own specialized software CNC Sensor. By its application, the user obtains valuable data on the utilization of the production centre and ultimately also on the resulting benefits of using ZEPO-v clamping systems and the return on investment


NES-T   Quick-change clamp

The NES-T pneumatic quick-change clamp is the cornerstone of the portfolio of v-tech clamping systems. It features compact dimensions and high clamping force, which pulls in the clamping pin. The large tensile force of the nest comes from the unique design of the clamping pneumatic piston, the shape of which is optimized for even distribution of contact stress while maintaining compact dimensions. NES-T is available with two basic diameters 135 mm and 175 mm, including a version for automatic pallet replacement in a fully automated process.


• Radical reduction of adjustment times for clamp replacement by up to 90 %
• Clamping accuracy (> 0.005 mm)
• High clamping force up to 24 kN (31 kN – Ø175 mm)
• Body made of heat-treated high-grade steel
• Self-locking mechanism – the clamping force remains even after the compressed air is disconnected
• Modularity – wide range of configurations
• Setting grooves for 90° indexing
• Compact size – nest height only 41 mm
• Precise processing of all components
• Maintenance-free – hermetically sealed
• Working pressure 8 bar
• Compatibility of all offered models (V-TECH)
• Open/closed indication
• Preparation for process automation – version NES-T-A 135
• Possible use in mechanical engineering requiring fast, accurate, firm connection

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