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SKL-V 110

Pneumatically controlled chuck Ø110

The pneumatically controlled universal chuck with an integrated air piston including an adapter and control valve is a powerful tool for quick replacement of semi-finished products. The clamp can be freely configured on the clamping base and is centred to the outer diameter of the clamping nest. For example, a clamping base with 6 nests can be fitted with 6 universal chucks to create a productive multi-clamping system. The universal chuck is fitted with standard jaws. On request, the chuck can be equipped with a foot pedal or electric switchboard for remote control.

 Clamping force (kN)Chuck diameter (mm)Force mediumNominal presure (bar)Max. presure (bar)Jaw stroke (mm)Weight (mm)Max. clamping diameterOrder code
SKL-V 1107,5110air675,29,111020200010002

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