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Robot point

The Robot Point is highly accurate and robust automatic interface between an industrial robot and a replaceable adapter that comes in a form of a gripper or a pallet. Its design is based on the proven and reliable v-tech clamping system.

  • Patented design
  • Pneumatic control
  • Self-gripping mechanism
  • Sensorics - clamping control, check of proper adapter clamping, RFID reading head
  • Cross-connections of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical signal systems
  • Blow-off – blowing of the contact surfaces to ensure precise and repeated exchange of adapters during automatic cycle.   
  • Low weight, high load torque, 6 bar supply pressure, repeated clamping accuracy below 0.02 mm 

Technical infopdf182.05 KB

dimensions, allowable loads

The Robot Point is used for automatic exchange of:

  • Grip heads
  • Technological heads
  • Milling or grinding spindles
  • Replaceable pallets with workpieces or semiproducts 

Accessory to the Robot Point head is a docking magazine of exchangeable adapters. The robot is then able to exchange the required tool for the selected operation, easily and quickly. As a standard, it is supplied in three positions with adapter beds fitted with position sensors. In the case of more demanding jobs that require larger number of tool exchanges, the magazine can be expanded by modules.   

Connection to hydraulic vice in CNC machine

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