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CNC sensor is application that we made ourselves with our own resources in v-tech Ltd. This application is designed to collect and evaluate mechanic data from CNC machine tools.This project originated from the necessity of our own engineering production, which had suffered from a lack of real data needed for its management and smooth running.The aim was to create an application that would be affordable and provide the data necessary for production planning, utilisation of production technology, employee motivation and economic evaluation of production.The application is designed especially for smaller companies that cannot afford expensive and complicated programs, but that at the same time want to have their data immediately available.Our application can be extended or customised according to your specific requirements.We offer complete installation, connection and operation of CNC machines at your location.

Benefits of the CNC sensor application

  • Reverse evaluation of utilization of your CNC machines
  • Acquirement of valuable data for the management and planning of your manufacturing
  • Economic valuation of the manufactured job order
  • Monitoring of machine values
  • Gathering of machine data, independently on the service staff
  • Web browser user interface
  • On-line supervision of your operations, whether you are on a business trip or holiday
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CNC sensor 1.4

released new version of CNC sensor with these changes:


  • simplified application settings
  • robustness of the application
  • design adjustment
  • definition of new states of CNC machines (MDI mode, measuring by touch probe, idle production)
  • export of production data to Excel file


  • new clearer pagination
  • advanced machine data filter
  • automatic filtering of short program runs
  • possibility of well-arranged pair of CNC machines in the timeline

On line

  • Displays the current machine downtime since the last production cycle

Production data

  • comparison of actual production time with preset theoretical value of eg CAM system
  • Assignment of drawing documentation to the production program
  • possibility to create a group of production programs
  • simplified search for production programs

On line – current imaging

On-line dashboard is the main page displaying the current state of the manufacturing machine in real time. The individual machine statuses are depicted in colour so that the operator or manufacturing supervisor has current information about the operations in case he cannot be present on the shop floor.

  • Green signalling – manufacturing title
  • Blue signalling – machine adjustment
  • Yellow signalling – idle time
  • Red signalling - alarm

In case of multiple manufacturing shop floors, the dashboard page may be projected on large-scale monitors providing for immediate summary of the state of all the machines.

Manufacturing data

Summary of chronologically ranked manufacturing in total or on the individual machines that can be selected from the scroll menu.

Well-arranged display of primary data:

  • Start of manufacturing
  • Manufacturing time in hours
  • Number of pieces manufactured
  • Unit time per piece
  • Shift and override statuses during the manufacturing
  • Job order number

Manufacturing statistics

Well-arranged graphic display of the manufacturing process on the individual machines in pre-defined time periods:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

Evaluation from the point of view of the machine’s operation and the elapsed day, week, month or year. A suitable indicator to determine the utilization rate of the manufacturing machines. 


Chronologically arranged job orders relating to the particular work (programme). Use the scroll list to select the part you want to analyse and monitor the parameters:

  • Number of manufactured pieces
  • Number of manufactured scrap
  • Unit time per 1 piece
  • Percentage values of manufacturing, adjustment time, idle time and malfunctions
  • Hourly rate of machine, which unwinds from the unit price per machining a single piece
  • Etalon programme evaluated as the best from the point of view of productivity
  • Job order number
  • Name of the part setter (option)
  • Name of machine operator (option)

The function that allows for the renaming of the programme is also very suitable. This is due to good clarity, because some management systems have numerical marking of a programme, and it is very difficult to identify the manufactured part at first sight. The transferred name is also displayed on an on-line screen. 


The tab “Product” is used to value the manufactured part as a whole. In most cases, the individual product is machined for multiple operations and in different machines. This function allows for the merger of all the realized operations into one, thus acquiring perfect summary.  

Manufacturing time line

The time line depicts the current status of the machine and the product currently manufactured. The chart is clearly phased into the individual days in a weekly period. In this section of the application, it is possible to identify idle time or malfunction quickly and transparently, suggesting measures to eliminate it. It is possible to monitor retroactively the events on the working site, e.g. during the night shifts, which are usually outside the scope of physical supervision of management workers. 

List of alarms

The list of alarms and malfunction reports occurring during the machine’s operation. Reports of the machine’s overloading are recorded here, for example, or reports of sudden collisions capable of damaging the machines. The aim is to inform the management workers about such situations so that they may adopt the respective measures to eliminate them or fix them. The history of alarms may be classified according to the selected machine.

Monitoring the service intervals of the machines

The CNC sensor application allows for the monitoring of service intervals of all the CNC machines in operation. Do you lack the summary of regular service intervals given by the machine’s manufacturer? Do you need to monitor the intervals for replacing cooling emulsions or oil fillings? In the MACHINE SERVICE tab, you can monitor all the service intervals prescribed by the machine’s manufacturer or company maintenance in a well-arranged way.

Supported management systems of the machines

It is currently possible to process data from the following management systems:

  • Mazatrol Matrix, Smart, Smooth
  • Fanuc
  • Siemens Sinumerik 840D
  • PLC Omron
  • Modbus RTU and TCP protocol

The application has been designed in such a way as to allow for the processing of all data from the machine’s management system without any optional intervention of the operators. This decreases the risk of any possible distortion of the data outputs, either purposeful or accidental, by the machine’s operator.

Monitoring the machine's input power (option)

The CNC sensor application may be extended with the monitoring of electrical input. Included in the installation, there is the necessary hardware communicating with the application and reading the electrical quantities:

  • Electrical current in the individual phases
  • Voltage between the individual phases
  • Immediate input
  • Consumed electricity
  • Power factor
  • Frequency of supply network

The section “Manufacturing programmes” provides information on the consumed electricity, which is used to enumerate the costs of energy consumed by the monitored machine. The assigned section “Take-off” depicts the course of the machine’s input depending on time and the state of the machine.